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Helping real estate agents and homeowners present properties in their best possible light. Blossom can help with all aspects of staging services for both occupied and vacant properties: staging consultations, furniture rental, landscaping renewal, painting, repairs, downsizing, selling contents, organizing, pre-packing, deep cleaning, storage, moving services and more. 



Attractive, pleasing environments encourage creative, inventive and productive lifestyles. Let Blossom help you get back on track: general home organizing, household management including repairs, renovation management, decorating, maintenance, A/V upgrades; senior move managment, comprehensive moving services, downsizing, filing and paper flow and more.


As part of Blossom’s professional organizing services, a suite of comprehensive move-management solutions are available to help your move be stress-free and efficient. Blossom provides a boutique and personalized approach to all move-management services.

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