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A Day in the Life of a Professional Organizer


I really love organizIng. Really. I like looking at chaos, or obstacles and making sense of it all. I like helping people and making their homes more livable and functional. And I like learning, researching and taking on a constant list of new problems to solve.  The thing is with organizing, unlike staging, there aren’t a lot of photos that can really tell a story. I have put up a few here to show the kind of things I take pictures of as I move through projects.  So just to give you some examples of the variety of things I have taken on this year, here’s a brief glimpse of some tasks: * consulted with corporate client on new office space storage, sourced and installed closet system for executive office closet * took a client and her friend from France to Elora Gorge for lunch and to visit their old friend in Guelph *worked with carpenter to create custom legs for a very heavy cabinet in a hallway that was covering an HVAC intake vent

*sourced new pulls and knobs for repainted kitchen cabinets and colour consultation *sourced and replaced a client’s shower head

*trip to Halifax for 2 day meeting with a client of mine when I lived there; inventory and measure contents for selling, keeping for major move; plus sourcing trip in Toronto *sourced and had installed new electronic awning for client’s backyard; sourced and had installed two exterior fixtures; sourced and had installed railing at front steps *worked with young university grad on how to make his space work in basement of mother’s home and downsizing contents in home - sourcing furniture and accessories *paint colour consultation for home in preparation for spring listing 2019 *organized the cleaning and restoration of client’s inherited painting from the 1920’s *researched and found a purse on ebay for a client who loved a bag she had stolen 3 years ago *had furnaces serviced and cleaned *planted my client’s garden in the spring in a ground floor condo

*consigned oodles of furniture, china, accessories for clients

*donated a lot of furniture to multiple charities, set up accounts for clients for tax receipts *dropped off (well, I lost count) a lot of bags of donated items to charity from numerous clients *continued to make myself known to the staff at the Bermondsey Dump - educating clients on getting rid of hazardous waste, what is garbage, what isn’t *had numerous walls, exteriors of homes painted, tested paint colours, paint colour consultations, had kitchen cabinets painted - lots of painting! *helped an interior designer organize her storage areas

*eavestroughs cleaned *worked with electricians on getting old light fixtures repaired, new light fixtures installed

*had cars serviced, detailed and repaired *coordinated numerous move management projects - movers, packing, unpacking, space planning, downsizing...

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