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A Day in the Life of a Professional Organizer

Overview I really love organizing. Really. I like looking at chaos, or obstacles and making sense of it all. I like helping people and making their homes more liveable and functional. And I like learning, researching and taking on a constant list of new problems to solve. 

The thing is with organizing, unlike staging, there aren’t a lot of photos that can really tell a story. I have put up a few here to show the kind of things I take pictures of as I move through projects. 

So just to give you some examples of the variety of things I have taken on this year, here’s a brief glimpse of some tasks:

*assessed a roof with a roofing expert, tried to figure out where leaks were coming from, had roof redone (this resulted from a mouldy bathroom wall that we originally thought was the result from worn out caulking)

*had a bathroom re-dry-walled, painted, caulked

*worked with an environmental company to assess mould

*researched and found a brand new tote bag on e-bay for a client who loved a bag she purchased at Saks 5 years ago

*sourced, quoted and had a new garage door installed *moved a grand piano

*moved a smaller piano myself with another trade

*had old photos printed and scanned for memorabilia

*had a custom sofa built, chose fabric, sourced supplier

*sourced, quoted and had BBQ gas line installed on deck

*had 5 furnaces serviced and cleaned

*sourced, quoted new eavestroughs installed

*had gas oven repaired

*air conditioning repaired

*donated a lot of furniture to the Furniture Bank via numerous clients

*dropped off (well, I lost count) a lot of bags of donated items to charity from numerous clients

*donated books to the Children’s Book Bank

*maintained my first name basis relationship with the guys at the Bermondsey dump

*had a lot of places painted, tested paint colours, purchased paint colours and painted a few walls myself including the offices of the Women’s Auxiliary at Sick Kids Hospital

*eavestroughs cleaned

*landscaping renewal at a number of properties for staging

*helped decorate 5 Christmas trees

*petted a lot of homeowners dogs and cats and even took a few dogs out on walks

*worked with plumbers on leaky toilets, broken kitchen faucets, sump pump issues, snaking exterior French drains

*sourced, quoted and had new refrigerator installed

*worked with electricians on getting old light fixtures repaired, new light fixtures installed

*packed a lot of boxes for senior move management jobs

*helped client grocery shop for Christmas

*assisted with selection of venue for wedding reception in the summer of 2016

*ordered flannel sheets online

*had cars serviced, detailed and repaired

*and more....

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