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Combining Existing Furniture with Rental Furniture: A Few Tips


It is easy to notice mismatched pieces in small spaces. Things too big in scale and anything old or showing wear and tear also tend to go under the microscope. There’s just not a lot of space to take in, so details become more important than in a big sprawling space. 

For this property, there were a few older, worn pieces onsite, but also some great modern pieces that could be used along with rental furniture to complete the staging of this vacant property. A great modern black leather sofa and some nice, clean-lined pieces of bedroom furniture were a great base to work with. It is also easy to overcrowd a small condo, so taking measurements and doing some proper space planning is a necessity. You can easily still showcase a room to have friends over for drinks or dinner as long as the pieces are given enough breathing room.

Here are a few tips for making a project like this come together:

*if you have dark pieces of furniture and need to move towards a brighter, lighter, airy feeling (my recommendation always) is to focus on brighter lighter accessories and materials with reflective value - in this case objects with chrome, very light bedding and brighter light fixtures with high wattage bulbs

*choose additional upholstered pieces of furniture that are light and bright - in this case cream leather stools, dining chairs and side chairs

*using mirrors to reflect light always makes a space brighter 

*you can never go wrong using new, fresh white towels in a bathroom to brighten a space

The agent also had some pieces to bring in as well including some art, lamps and bedding so along with the existing pieces and rental furniture, this project came together very quickly.

From my end I took on the following:

Scope of work included:

*staging consultation, measuring and space planning *selection and coordinating furniture rental, art and accessories to combine with existing pieces and some items from agent *staging work - furniture and accessory placement/coordinating *selection of new light fixtures for front hallway 

The results provided a simple modern presentation with a few artful touches to appeal to the young, single, professional demographic.


“Using primarily email via my clients and Kathleen, we were able to quickly pull this project together. I was happy with the attention to certain details, like the suggestion of installing new brighter fixtures in the hallway - it made a huge difference.”

Jen D. 

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