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DIY Antiques Road Show: Be Your Own Appraiser


It’s downsizing season! This time of year I tend to see an influx in inquiries for helping people downsize and move, a trend in move management that is more and more making the headlines, as seniors, their children, empty-nesters and others all try to navigate, basically, how to get rid of their stuff. There are a lot of permutations in best trying to figure out how to sell, consign, donate, toss, recycle and give away your stuff to friends or family.

I see lots of articles online that feature the many issues invloved in downsizing. These two articles below particularly stand out - one to prepare you mentally that a lot of your stuff may not be as valuable or as in demand by your family and friends as you hoped. The other one is an excellent summary on the basics of what to look for in evaluating your posessions - a DIY Antiques Road Show! How fun!

Obviously it takes a lifetime in a career as an appraiser to be an expert on what has value - in art, furniture, silver, china, crystal and more. I have honed enough instinct to know what can be donated and what can be consigned, but when it comes to the really great items I always bring in experts.

Enjoy these articles:

Richard Eisenberg, Next Avenue, posted on PBS:

Roger Schrenck and Chris Fultz, Next Avenue:

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