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Does every staged bathroom need an orchid?


Flowers in my mind, are amazing products of nature, that continually blow me away in their colours, shapes and smells.

From a staging point I think they are very much a necessity. I have mentioned this before, but go open up any shelter magazine and look at a feature piece on architecture or design. Look at every picture and you will no doubt find a plant or some sort of floral work in the space. Now imagine that room without it. Might seem way more drab?

Every room needs a bit of life, no matter if you are selling, staging, living or renting. In the past few years you will see more magazine features including house plants, they have made a huge comeback coinciding with macrame plant holders! Not sure about the macrame comeback, but as my girlfriend says, “you gotta do you!”

You will see oodles of orchids in staged homes. What is great about orchids, is that they last longer than cut flowers for staging, they are pretty easy to maintain, and if you for some reason decide after selling you can’t take care of it, in less than eleventeen seconds you will find someone that will.

I had the opportunity to go to the Annual Southern Ontario Orchid Society Show at the Toronto Botanical Gardens. What a surprise that was. I have never seen such unusual plants ever. Like ever. Some of you may know I’m a bit of a NASA geek and texted friends when I drove pass the Jet Propulsion Lab in California and nerd out for all the Space X launches, so I very much appreciate everyone’s passion for whatever interest they have. I do think that Orchid Enthusiasts are in a class of their own though. The attention to detail in growing and maintaining these natural pieces of art is incredible. Go check it out.

For plants and orchids, staging or for home I gravitate to:

Market Four Season: beside Home Hardware near Wilson on Avenue Road

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