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It Doesn’t Need to Be a Jungle Out There: A Backyard Transformed

Photos courtesy of Melrose Landscaping

This project was part of an overall larger project - a trifecta as it were, as it involved downsizing and organizing, staging a home and senior move management. This property, located in a beautiful neighbourhood in central Toronto, had a lot of pluses. Location, good bones, and access to popular parks and running trails. The homeowner, a senior widower, was downsizing and was focused on presenting his home in its best possible light. 

In the past few years the landscaping had become overgrown and unmanageable in the backyard. This prevented prospective buyers, especially families, from seeing the full potential of the property. A large backyard with mature trees can be a big plus for families who envision their children playing with friends; for those who like to have BBQ’s and entertain, and also for the avid gardener who enjoys dreaming of a backyard full of plants and flowers to tinker with and appreciate. All that needed to be done here was to create a canvas where all of this could be visualized.

Services provided:

As part of my staging and organizing services I coordinated a full-scale approach to transforming the overgrown backyard. This included:

*providing quotes and reviewing scope of work with both the homeowner and the agent *full project management including scheduling, reviewing and concept development with the landscapers; liaison with neighbours and other third party contractors working onsite; sourcing plants and flowers for containers and small focal points

Melrose Landscaping: *full-service from start to finish including: *tree and shrub pruning *complete soil regeneration and debris removal *redefining existing beds *consult on maintenance *regraveling side of house and partial driveway *full sod install


“Kathleen managed this process seamless and efficiently for me. Like the other aspects of all the things she was helping me with, I was impressed with the rapport she has with the contractors she works with.”

-John S.

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