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Sold in a Day: New Flooring and Rental Furniture Make for a Great Presentation on King West


Staging a vacant property usually entails creating a visual environment that appeals to a very broad audience. “Neutral” is the operative word. 

After speaking with the agent and narrowing down the demographic a little further I realized the importance of creating a vibe that was sophisticated and modern for a young buyer. Rental furniture can essentially fit into a lot of different spaces and environments but there’s always room through careful thinking and planning to cater to a specific audience. A dining table makes sense to showcase entertaining value, and carefully chosen accessories create that certain ambiance to accent the use of a room. Defining spaces are important to avoid the age old question in a vacant property - “what is this space for?”

I have made a point of saying that potential buyers viewing the vacant properties are being challenged visually by the empty space; lacking focal points within each room, buyers have difficulty envisioning the intended use of the space or seeing their own furniture and how they would use the space within the suite. It’s a matter of creating the “ahh” factor, which brings an emotional connection to a space. Anchor points and the scale of the furniture will help prospects easily make sense of the 4 walls around them. Once the furniture was sourced along with accessories, this property was staged in a day.  This property was sold over asking in a day. 


Services provided: *space planning, measurements *needs assessment with agent  *selection of new flooring *sourcing all furnishings and soft accessories  *liaison with building management, client and agent *delivery of all contents and setup and de-staging services WHAT THE CLIENT SAID

“In our initial meetings Kathleen quickly understood what I was aiming for to create a modern, fresh space to appeal to a young buyer. Having a motivated seller who was open to doing some improvements and also staging the suite along with our efforts, was a recipe for success and a quick sale for this property.”

Jen D.

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