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Staging Small Condos: Measure, Measure Again and Get Creative


I like staging vacant condos. It’s a blank canvas that affords the opportunity to hone in on making spaces flow and choosing pieces that all go together (if available at the rental furniture locations - this can get tricky - it is a busy year for rental furniture companies!)

Smaller condos with challenging layouts (because they are small) require creativity. I like to adhere to my philosophy that I have to showcase at least the very basics no matter what the space:

  • a dining room needs a place to sit and eat

  • a bedroom needs a bed and some sort of nightstand

  • a living room needs a sofa or some concept of lounging and at least entertaining one friend

  • any condo these days should demonstrate a home office type of setting no matter how compact - especially important for young buyers

  • a lighting plan should be developed


and lamps and floor lamps added to augment what can often be insufficient lighting via ceiling fixtures (or lack of them) at night

The most important task at hand was to accurately measure each wall for furniture placement. I find that floor plans often demonstrate wall to wall measurments, not baseboard to baseboard which can make a big difference in a small space like a wall where a headboard and nightstands go. I also like to generally measure for art to ensure a piece isn’t too big, or even too small. I like big art in small condos because it creates a fun colourful modern vibe. On white walls in this case, it has a funky urban gallery feel. I even measure the width of bulkheads and small corners as it can really make or brake the correct furniture placement. You may have enough room along a wall for a sofa, but how far it comes out can greatly affect the layout as it does in this living room on the right. I only typically get a chance to measure once so it needs to include everything!

Vacant spaces can also often seem smaller, thus undervaluing the space to prospective buyers. Square footage is the product and not visualizing it with an accurate sense of space can be a pitfall in real estate. Without any focal points the eye continues to wander through each room without retaining any memorable areas of interest.  The opportunity here was created to present a complete solution to target  a sophisticated, modern demographic looking for a suitable property, perhaps their first home.  SEE ALL THE BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS FOR THIS PROJECT

Services provided:

  • needs assessment with homeowner/agent

  • space planning, measurements

  • sourcing all furnishings and soft accessories 

  • coordination of full cleaning services

  • liaison with building management, client and agent

  • delivery of all contents, setup and destaging services WHAT THE CLIENT SAID

“Working with Kathleen was enjoyable and seamless. She completed this project in very short order and the property sold within days. I visited the unit while the rental furniture was being delivered - it’s amazing how quickly it all came together.”

Ali, Kingsway Real Estate

“I trusted Kathleen with all of her creative decisions. The results were great and she nailed the right look and feel for the market.”


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