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Yorkville Condo Sold in a Day: Colour Makes an Impact

OVERVIEW A beautiful vacant condominium, with a fantastic location in Yorkville was staged with furniture, soft accessories and art to showcase the property in its best possible light. To create a modern fresh feel the combinations of two new trendy colours - gold and blue were used via a line of Canadian made furniture to create that extra wow factor. 

Vacant spaces can often seem smaller, thus undervaluing the space to prospective buyers. Square footage is the product and not visualizing it with an accurate sense of space can be a pitfall in real estate. Without any focal points the eye continues to wander through each room without retaining any memorable areas of interest. 

The homeowners had outgrown the space and had moved on to their new home, and the opportunity was created to present a complete solution to target a sophisticated, modern demographic looking for a suitable property in a urban and well sought after neighbourhood.  Services provided:

*needs assessment with homeowner/agent *space planning, measurements *sourcing all furnishings and soft accessories  *coordination of full cleaning services *liaison with building management, client and agent *delivery of all contents, setup and de-staging services

The staging allowed the creation of focal points ensuring prospective buyers lingered in each room to fully appreciate all the aspects of the space. The high-end finishes were highlighted through the use of coordinated soft-accessories and interesting and unique furniture and accent pieces were used for added interest. 


“Working with Kathleen was seamless. Her practical and efficient approach along with a creative touch was the combination required to get our property sold quickly. We had a lot going on with our own move, and I was happy that I was able to pass on this project with very little involvement. The results were fantastic.”

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